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Nyhed: 2020-09-25

Prevas will be delivering Infor EAM to Norsk Kylling for its new forward-looking facility in Orkanger.

Norsk Kylling is investing in Infor EAM with Prevas. The solution will initially be tested and commissioned at Norsk Kylling’s current facility and then be implemented at their new hyper-modern factory in Orkanger. Which is currently under construction.

Norsk Kylling is staking a lot on its Norwegian Hubbard chicken and new hyper-modern production facility. Prevas is proud to be part of the journey as supplier of the Infor EAM maintenance system.

With its Solvinge brand name and distribution in REMA 1000, Norsk Kylling has great ambitions and the company’s new facility will be a notable monument to not only technical solutions, animal welfare, automation but also the environment and a circular economy. The building is a full 40,000 square meters and should be ready in the spring of 2021.

Norsk Kylling’s IT Manager, Torfinn Utne says that in the process of gaining control of production data and the value chain, they implemented a new ERP system. “Then the next natural step was to put a new maintenance system in place. The objective is to reduce wastage and costs. We wanted to secure production with better control and management information,” Utne explains.

“Yes, savings, control and an overview are key words here,”Technical Manager Ulf Jensen emphasizes. “The biggest benefit is that Infor EAM will help to ensure a high level of uptime at the factory and for equipment. Naturally, downtime will have major consequences for us. In addition to savings, an overview and increased uptime, the maintenance system will also give us control over spare parts and stocks, with automatic ordering to keep inventories at a minimum etc. We will have more than 3,000 units in the facility register and up to 15,000 parts in the commodity register. With such numbers it is obvious that we must look for systems that can give us control of the entire facility and this is why Infor EAM was chosen.”

Jensen says that went live in the present factory on August 31 and have now reached a user training and running-in phase. “We will continue training until we move to the new facility in Orkanger.”

Einar Alexander Andersen, General Manager at Prevas, explains that the acquisition is a part of a larger delivery to Norsk Kylling’s new state-of-the-art factory. “Prevas is delivering Infor EAM, which will be integrated against both their ERP system and their SCADA system. We think it is very exciting to be part of fulfilling Norsk Kylling's ambitions with what might well be Europe's most modern and advanced factory!”