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National Instruments related modules

Prevas is a Gold Alliance Partner with National Instruments and are experienced in creating test system frameworks, both in LabVIEW and TestStand. This combination enables Prevas to create tailored test system solutions depending on the requirements.

Being a gold alliance partner with National Instrument is a huge responsibility and we proud to have earned this level of excellence. We can refer to more than 10 years’ experience in implementing systems based on products from National Instrument. Certified LabVIEW system architects and developers assist in customer projects and provide customized systems with superior flexibility and best cost/performance ratio. The partnership includes joint marketing events and seminars.

NI's Gold Alliance Partners use their expertise and profound knowledge of NI's products to build customized technical solutions. Together, NI and Prevas can offer customers high quality turnkey solutions based on graphic system design. As an Alliance Partner Prevas enjoys the benefits of early access to product roadmaps, beta releases, and advanced support. In the end, this is beneficial to our customers.

CAN logger, Calypso

The Calypso CAN logger provides high precision measurements capability for ordinary CAN instruments. Calypso uses National Instruments calibrated high precision cRIO modules (up to 24 bits) to monitor signals and output them on an ordinary CAN bus interface.

Using the cRIO platform we can deliver tailor made nodes with up to 7 modules.
This makes it possible for the test engineer to use familiar network analyzers, not only to study CAN traffic, but also to monitor physical signals such as currents, voltage levels, temperatures, vibrations etc.

Mimas, Prevas Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.

Mimas enables the possibility to generate and analyze low level Ethernet data traffic in real time. Together with National Instruments' FlexRIO board it´s the ideal platform for developing specialized Ethernet based applications.

Frequency Shifter

The traditional engineering response to testing a wireless standard often involves selecting a box instrument with the closest specifications.

The RF frequencies of transmitting equipment are regulated by national governments and are different between global regions. Normally this requires different type or versions of a specific product for different markets. For test systems with multiple test requirements this often results in a different box for each measurement requirement. When the test requirements are uniform and no changing, this method may be sufficient, but it becomes cumbersome, and ultimately more expensive for testing RF devices.

The Shifter approach
Prevas Frequency Shifter recognizes the need for a dynamic setting of the frequencies. The example below show a two-path set up, and how the Frequency-band shifter is placed in-between the base station (DUT) and the simulator.

The architecture of the Frequency-band Shifter enables support for MIMO etc, and with a theoretical support for simultaneously shifting an unlimited amount of paths, all locked to the same reference.

sbRIO Methone, single Board RIO Adapter.

Methone is an adapter board customized for the popular real-time controller Single-Board RIO from National Instruments and the COM Express Intel Atom PC single board computer.

For real-time needs Methone attaches directly to SBRIO. SBRIO includes a PowerPC and an FPGA programmed in LabVIEW. This allows for any real-time control.

For user interfacing you can run LV Windows, Linux or any other PC-based application on the COM Express PC module.

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