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Prevas receives new order from Arla Foods

Arla Foods' facility in Vimmerby is going to add an additional production line. Prevas has been tasked with developing parts of the control system and, in its role as project manager, to ensure that the new system is deployed according to plan. 

Arla Foods' factory in Vimmerby was opened in 2005 and currently produces milk powder from 350,000 metric tons of milk annually. The facility is in a growth phase where, amongst other things, a third evaporation line will be added. Prevas will help develop a new control system that enables feeding system exchange during operation between different processes. Reduced set-up times and more effective production will be the result.

The delivery also includes recycling system management that will better process residual products. Arla will thus receive a higher degree of production at the same time that environmental impact is reduced. This is the world's most advanced feeding system in the field.  

"As a prioritized supplier, Prevas has good understanding of the facility in Vimmerby, and after having performed the upgrade of the control system for dry products, Prevas is a natural automation and IT partner for our continued expansion," says Tom Andersen at Arla Foods.

The project for Arla Foods entails full commitment whereby Prevas is in charge of both project management and implementation. The schedule is very tight, and Prevas has been able to assemble a large project organization on very short notice to conduct development work during spring 2013.

"We are very pleased about Arla Food's confidence in us. We have cooperated on a long term basis with Arla Foods and regard this project as a strategically important continuation of that cooperation," says Robert Majanen, business unit manager at Prevas.

For more information:

Robert Majanen, Business Unit Manager PrevasA
E-mail:, Cell: +46 (0)70-641 26 99

Christer Ramebäck, Business Area Manager for Industrial Systems, Prevas
E-mail:, Phone: +46 (0)31-725 18 88, Cell: +46 (0)70-227 33 95

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