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Fast technological development when Prevas helps Miris

Miris Holding AB is based in Uppsala and is listed on Aktietorget. Miris produces and markets a unique instrument for the analysis of liquids, such as cow, buffalo and breast milk. In the middle of a period of heavy growth, one of the instrument´s main components was taken out of production. In order to guarantee continued production at Miris and meet the increase in demand, Prevas developed a compatible substitute component in a very short space of time. The result was an instrument that is cheaper to produce and is adapted according to Miris' needs for increased stability, better performance and a longer life cycle.

Miris´ product family is based on its own in-house developed and patented instrument for the analysis of liquids or solid products converted to liquid. The method of measurement is based on Mid IR spectroscopy and Miris stands for Mid Infra Red Intelligent System. The instrument can analyze the composition of many different liquids, with a current focus on analyses of milk where the content of fat, protein, carbohydrates, etc. is measured. Miris´ instruments are also used to analyze e.g. meat, fish and drugs.

“The market for analysis instruments within the milk industry is very big. With Miris´ instruments, expensive and large instruments can be replaced with small, portable units at lower prices, without having to compromise on performance and quality. The attractive correlation between performance and price allows for an extensive market in the analysis of cow and buffalo milk in fast-growing economies, such as India and China," says Tony Malmström who is one of the founders and CEO of Miris. He continues:

“Another very important area of use for Miris´ instruments is within the analysis of breast milk, where the nutritional content of breast milk can be analyzed and any supplements can be individually adapted for premature babies. The analyses can be performed on the spot in a neonatal unit and be directly adapted for the individual baby´s nutritional needs."

Fast development with the latest technology The processor module that forms the basis of Miris´ instruments was unexpectedly taken out of production. Miris was then faced with the choice of reconstructing its instrument for another commercial processor module, or to develop its own processor module adapted for the existing instrument design. In consultation with Prevas, Miris chose the second option. In a short space of time, Prevas developed an adapted processor module for Miris, based on the Freescales i.MX-53-processor (ARM Cortex A8). The new processor module leaves other parts of the instrument untouched, and thus is compatible with the already installed instrument base. Prevas has also developed an adapted Windows Embedded Compact 7 image for the new module.

“One of the reasons for being able to keep the lead time down for Miris is the opportunity for reuse. No less than three parallel projects have been conducted at the same time, where the same hardware base has been used. This meant that important know-how and design solutions were able to be shared between the projects, thus shortening the lead times and costs in all three cases. Over the years, we have helped our customers to get over 4,000 products out onto the market, and we have a broad and comprehensive portfolio of platforms, components and knowledge on hand," says Jonas Mann, Business Area Manager at Prevas AB.

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