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Prevas launching 2nd generation test platform

Prevas' 2nd generation xMove test platform is now available. It helps developers test functionality in up to 30 control units, which corresponds to all the electronics in an entire vehicle. Prevas' platform enables supply of customized solutions in a cost-efficient manner by combining standard components into a unique solution.

The first generation xMove was launched in 2006 and is in operation at customer facilities in Europe, Asia and America. In the 2nd generation, which is a platform update, Prevas took the concept one step further with additional components and improved processes.

Modern vehicles are rolling networks with one control unit for engines, one for brakes and so on. Control units are also becoming increasingly common in the rest of the industry, for example in industrial robots and other "smart machines". An electronic control unit normally includes a processor with software, a communication interface and input and output signals. The signals are generally analog and digital, and include, for example, information on status, temperature, pressure or number of rotations.

"It isn't possible to get by with one control unit these days. A modern car or truck has up to thirty control units with software meant to function in a network, which adds up to around two thousand inputs and outputs. Fuel injection, blinkers and brakes are some of the elements. Our 2nd generation xMove allows us to generate and measure all of the signals simultaneously distributed to the different control units. A time resolution of milliseconds means we can make the software in the control units believe that the situation is a real road driving situation," says Hans Nyström, business unit manager at Prevas.

Another important function is the possibility of introducing faults to test how they impact the control units. xMove allows breaking up, short-circuiting and introducing interference into each signal. It is important to know that a car´s brakes will still function if a wheel's sensor falls off or malfunctions.

Prevas has produced solutions to help customers test everything from simple control units for pumps to more advanced control units such as the one used in the JAS Gripen engine. Control units for chemical processes, driverless forklifts and advanced manufacturing equipment are other examples. xMove has a fairly wide target group.

"Everyone with electronics in machinery needs to test functionality. We have simplified our solution and added new functionality in our 2nd generation xMove. The functionality, both software and hardware, consists of new components from our partner National Instrument as well as some parts we developed ourselves. We have also developed a working method that enables us to supply a customized solution to each customer more quickly since each control unit is most often unique. Together with the tools and processes we supply, the customer can effectively maintain its system," says Hans Nyström.

Prevas' new generation test system aims to supply the most cost-efficient solution so our customers can test the functionality of their electronic control units, both individually and together in an entire network.

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