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Prevas developing system for ocean wave power plant

Prevas is helping Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB develop its unique ocean wave power technology. In a short amount of time, Prevas supplied a control system that was commissioned in a test rig in 2011, where it will be used in a prototype with real ocean testing. Order value is approximately SEK 550,000.
Wave power is an enormous renewable energy resource. Ocean Harvesting Technologies is developing a patented innovation in ocean wave power technology, and the prerequisites for cost-efficiently extracting energy from ocean waves are positive. The company contacted Prevas when it needed help producing a control system for an ocean wave power plant.   

"Prevas' experience in quickly producing prototypes and the company's specialist know-how within real-time computing and control engineering helped convince us to select Prevas as our cooperation partner," says Mikael Sidenmark CEO and Founder of Ocean Harvesting Technologies.

A system, including a control and measurement system, has been delivered to Ocean Harvesting Technologies. With its extensive knowledge of National Instrument's products, LabVIEW, real-time programming and FPGA programming, Prevas was able to supply the system quickly and efficiently. All development work has taken place at the customer's premises in Karlskrona (Sweden).

"Our patent-pending energy smoothing technology achieves a high degree of efficiency and even loading on the system throughout all the steps involved in transforming ocean waves into electricity. Power smoothing is decisive in terms of achieving cost-efficient energy extraction from wave power, and we can now demonstrate this in a test rig using the control and measurement system supplied by Prevas. We are fully assessing the system at the moment using simulated wave situations. It will be exciting to see how the system works in the next step when we test a prototype off the southeast coast of Norway," continues Mikael Sidenmark.

"This has been a very interesting project within the field of renewable energy, and we are looking forward to continued interesting cooperation," says Patrick Buschow, Business Unit Manager at Prevas. 

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About Prevas
With cutting edge expertise in embedded systems and industrial IT, Prevas contributes by providing innovative solutions that create growth. Prevas was founded in 1985, and the company is the main supplier and development partner to leading companies in industries such as life science, telecommunications, vehicle, defense, energy and engineering. Offices are located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and India. The company has just over 500 employees. Prevas has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm since 1998.

About Ocean Harvesting Technologies
Ocean Harvesting Technologies AB develops ocean wave power plants for sustainable power supply in the future. A patented method for power smoothing will enable lower costs and improved electricity production. The company was founded in 2007 and is based in Karlskrona; see



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