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New Technology from Prevas Keeps Drivers Awake

A frightening near-death experience is behind one of the most innovative and user-friendly traffic safety solutions available — an anti sleep pilot that keeps the driver awake. Developed in cooperation with Prevas.

The story of Anti Sleep Pilot (ASP) began when Danish entrepreneur Troels Palshof fell asleep behind the wheel one evening while driving home. He woke up at the very last second in the middle of the highway, and managed to avoid an accident. By performing extensive research, Palshof discovered that the biggest culprit in conjunction with traffic accidents is fatigue. Palshof's vision was to minimize the risk of fatigue-related accidents and thus increase the level of traffic safety for all of us on the roads. Three years later and with funding from a large number of experts within, for example, sleep research and audio design — and with Prevas as partner — the Anti Sleep Pilot product is now available on the market.
Modern Technology Offers New Opportunities
Prevas has been a part of the entire development phase, from concept to prototype, and has also developed all of the electronics including a small computerized box with sensors for light and acceleration. The basic idea has been continuously adapted based on the knowledge that ASP and Prevas have built up together.
"We chose Prevas on the basis of the preliminary study. Throughout the entire project, Prevas has challenged our own basic theses, which has resulted in a very iterative process. We have always placed the greatest emphasis on the product being scientifically supported and validated. Sleep researchers have thus had a lot of influence on the concept. Cooperating with Prevas means access to a large number of specialists who can be involved when needed, which has proven to be an enormous advantage when facing challenges," says Troels Palshof, CEO of Anti Sleep Pilot.
The ASP is easy to use. The driver performs a simple test when starting the product, and his or her personal results are stored in the "pilot". It is also possible to enter test data from several different users. Before attaching the box to the dashboard with a simple magnet, the driver indicates that he or she is not completely rested. The APS continuously calculates the driver's current risk profile during the journey on the basis of 26 different parameters. The results are shown on the display.

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About Prevas
Prevas was founded in 1985 and is currently the Nordic leader for embedded systems and industrial IT. We are the main supplier and innovative development partner to leading companies in industries such as life science, telecommunications, vehicle, defense, energy and engineering. Prevas' core operation is to develop intelligence in products and industrial systems for world-leading companies. Prevas´ solutions are renowned for innovation, quality assurance and reliable delivery. Offices are located in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and India. The company has just over 500 employees. Prevas has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm since 1998.

About Anti Sleep Pilot
Anti Sleep Pilot is a Danish entrepreneurial company that has, since 2006, been intensively working to develop a scientifically based solution to minimize the risk of fatigue-related accidents in traffic. The solution has been completely developed and tested in practice, and has been available on the Danish market since October 2010. For more information, see

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