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Prevas acquires product family for production monitoring

Prevas reinforces its range within industrial systems through the acquisition of IT products for
monitoring production efficiency, tools and cutting fluids. Prevas will take over sales and product
development of all B4Industry AB products.

In partnership with KTH and Scania, B4Industry has developed system-solutions for efficiency and production monitoring. Prevas has worked with B4Industry on previous occasions, and has now acquired the products for further development.

Swedish manufacturing industry faces a serious challenge to increase its competitiveness in the new global market. Major savings can be made by increasing efficiency and utilisation of production equipment and IT solutions can be applied to make tools more efficient to achieve this. The product range includes modules for monitoring efficiency, machine operation, tools and cutting fluids.

"The acquisition of B4Industry's products fits in strategically to the new Industrial Systems division we are in the process of setting up," comments Anders Englund, CEO of Prevas. "We are making a major drive to widen our range to include an entire program of products, consultancy services and support for manufacturing industry throughout Scandinavia. In the current positive economic climate, there is significant demand for our competence within this field," continues Englund.

B4Industry is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wikman & Malmkjell, one of the leading machine tool vendors on the Scandinavian market.

"Prevas has the resources, competence and experience needed for these products to make an impact on the market", says Sture Wikman, CEO of Wikman & Malmkjell.

With over 20 years of experience within the development of system solutions, Prevas is one of the leaders for industrial systems in Scandinavia. We invest in a long-term relationship with our customers, which means we can develop profitable partner relationships. Our method of running projects and our specialist personnel mean we can give our customers cost-effective IT solutions within production.

About Prevas

Prevas develops intelligence in products and industrial systems. Prevas is a project-oriented, hi-tech IT company. The company offers consultancy services, products and support to companies developing products with a large IT content or which need to streamline or automate their business. Prevas solutions are renowned for their reliable delivery and quality.
Prevas is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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About Wikman & Malmkjell

Wikman and Malmkjell supply products and services to the automotive, workshop and steel industries, electronic production and balancing. Regardless of whether serial manufacturing of engine blocks, moulding tools, transistor winding or straightening steel sheets for the steel industry is involved, we can provide most production equipment.
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