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Prevas expands in Gothenburg with an investment in embedded systems

Prevas, the leader in embedded systems in the Nordic region, continues to expand. Following
successful investments in Stockholm and Öresund, operations in Gothenburg are being broadened to include product development.

The new investment in Gothenburg, which will take the form of strategic recruitment, means that
Prevas' range of services in product development is now established in Sweden's five largest cities.

These markets provide an important base for Prevas' continued expansion. Prevas' market in
product development is characterized by strong growth and a good influx of new customers. The
number of employees engaged in product development has grown by 50 per cent over the last sixmonth period. Synergy effects with the existing operation in Gothenburg will enable product
development services to be made available immediately in the area.

"The establishment of the product development business unit in Gothenburg represents the next
stage in our expansive strategy. Prevas' existing successful Gothenburg operation markets and
supplies industrial systems. We are now creating a complete range of services to existing and new customers in the technologically intensive Gothenburg region," says Anders Englund, MD of Prevas.

With more than 20 years' experience in the development of intelligent products with a high
technology content, Prevas today is one of the largest and leading development centres in Sweden.

Firefighters, pilots, truck drivers, doctors and, in principle, all professional groups are affected by
products, in the development of which we have played a part. The business operates within the
Product Development business unit, which, in addition to its substantial technical expertise, also has a documented capacity to supply systems on time and of the right quality. We are able to develop profitable partner relations by investing in long-term cooperation with our customers. Our approach to project management reduces our customers' new product development costs, and development times are reduced and delivery delays are avoided at the same time.

About Prevas

Prevas develops intelligence in products and industrial systems. Prevas is a project-oriented, hi-tech IT company. The company offers consultancy services, products and support to companies developing products with a large IT content or which need to streamline or automate their business. Prevas solutions are renowned for their reliable delivery and quality.
Prevas is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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