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Prevas enters development partnership for interactive glasses

Prevas AB is to develop industrial applications for the C-More Interactive Glasses (patent pending).
The contract is with the company developing a solution designed to replace keyboard and screen in situations where the hands are needed for other tasks.

The main market for this revolutionary product is within the process industry, where multitasking is
required whilst maintaining full control of production. The idea of projecting an image directly into
the field of vision and allowing interaction of commands activated by eye movement and muscles in the temple, opens up new ways of combining and rationalising different tasks.

Prevas has many years experience of product development and industrial systems, and is a
Microsoft Gold Partner for embedded systems and mobile Windows. In combination with the
interactive glasses, which use featherweight micro- and nanotechnology, the range of applications
can be widened to industry sectors such as surveillance and defence.

The US Pentagon has already expressed interest in the technology developed by Swedish
company Penny AB, which has applied for a patent. The company was awarded the ‘Kickstart
Company of the Year´ award in Sweden in 2005, and has previously collaborated with KTH in
Stockholm (The Royal Institute of Technology) and George Mason University in Fairfax, USA.

“Prevas´ competence and extensive experience of product development is a major boost for us and our work," says Erik Lundström, Managing Director of Penny. “And the fact that Prevas has broad know-how within a range of industrial processes in which the product can be used can also help us identify new markets and applications."

“Penny´s C-More product is truly exciting and innovative," says Prevas Managing Director, Anders
Englund. “It´s stimulating being able to collaborate in the development of a product which can
actually revolutionise the IT industry. Apart from collaboration to develop embedded systems, we
can see many applications in which the new technology could be used within our Industrial Systems business unit.

About Prevas

Prevas develops intelligence in products and industrial systems. Prevas is a project-oriented, hi-tech IT company. We offer consultancy services, products and customer support to companies developing products with a large IT content, or that need to streamline or automate their business. Prevas solutions are renowned for reliable delivery and quality. Prevas is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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