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Prevas enters new deal with GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare has once again chosen Prevas as their product development supplier. This time, the focus is on developing the next generation of control system for radio frequency systems for particle accelerators. These are primarily used for effective diagnosis of cancer.

GEMS PET Systems is a medical technical company within GE Healthcare and a new customer for Prevas. Previously this fall, Prevas entered into another big deal within GE Healthcare.

“Prevas´ experience in the medical technical sector and vast experience with embedded system
solutions combined with a tender that guarantees the right quality are the reasons we chose Prevas as our supplier," says Erik Strömqvist, President of GEMS PET Systems.

GEMS PET Systems is a world-leading supplier of solutions for the production of radioisotopes for
positron emissions tomography (PET), which is primarily used for cancer diagnosis. The company, which is situated in Uppsala, Sweden, is GE Healthcare's development and production center for cyclotron particle accelerators which are delivered to hospitals, research centers and companies the world over.

The embedded solution to be delivered by Prevas consists of new hardware and software. Prevas
has over twenty years of experience working with customers in Life Sciences and now sees a
significant increase in the demand for product development.
“When one of the world´s largest companies chooses us as supplier for several of its solutions, it is strong evidence that our reputation in the medical technical industry remains strong and positive," says Anders Englund, CEO Prevas AB.

About Prevas

Prevas develops intelligence in products and industrial systems. Prevas is a project-oriented, high-tech IT company. The company provides consultant services, products, and support to companies developing products with high IT content or which need to streamline or automate their business. Prevas´ solutions are renowned for reliable delivery and quality.
Prevas is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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About GEMS PET Systems AB

GEMS PET Systems is a company within GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging Radiopharmacy business. GEMS PET Systems is the world leading supplier of solutions for production of radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) that is primarily used for diagnosis of cancer. Hospitals all over the world have installed their Cyclotron systems. PETtrace
and MINItrace that are compact, automated cyclotrons that enable hospitals, research institutions and nuclear radiopharmacies to produce tracers for PET imaging. GEMS PET Systems is situated in Uppsala.
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