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Prevas and Enics collaborate on product development and production

Together, Prevas and Enics offer a complete package for product development and production.

This joint offer creates a unique, seamless chain of services covering the entire life cycle of our
customers´ products. We offer design support, development of hardware, software and mechanical components, with the backing of Enic´s experience of manufacturing and the component market. Our collaboration also offers services in prototype manufacturing, test systems, production optimisation and aftermarket support.

The driving force behind this collaboration is to reduce the development time and create competitive advantages. It is important to be able to launch new products in the market quickly and efficiently. This is why time-optimised and high-quality product development is crucial. Together, Prevas and Enics have the necessary knowhow to support customers´ product processes from pilot study to the production of advanced industrial products.

“We already have experience of working with Prevas and are happy to strengthen the collaboration.
I welcome this partnership, as it will bring added value to our customers", says Stefan Eklund, GM
of Enics in Västerås.

“From a customer´s point of view, the greatest advantage of the concept is that all our experience of product development is put to good use during prototype production and volume manufacturing.
This saves our customers a great deal of time and money", says Mats Lundberg, Business Area
Manager, Product Development, at Prevas.

Prevas is the leading company in the Nordic area in embedded systems. To be successful, products need short development times and the right quality. We offer specialist expertise in the development of intelligent products. The development process is always assured by our certified quality system.

About Prevas

Prevas develops intelligence in products and industrial systems. Prevas is a project-oriented, hi-tech IT company. The company offers consultancy services, products and support to companies developing products with a large IT content or which need to streamline or automate their business. Prevas solutions are renowned for their reliable delivery and quality.
Prevas is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.
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About Enics

Enics is one of the largest electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies in the industrial electronics field and provides end-to-end solutions consisting of design, NPI, manufacturing, supply chain management and after-sales services for the whole lifecycle of its customers' products. The company is established in Europe and Asia and has 2000 employees.
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