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Continued expansion for Prevas in Sweden

The need to develop new competitive products with a great deal of intelligence in the form of electronics and software, what are known as embedded systems, is increasing. Investments in manufacturing-related IT solutions are becoming increasingly important for the industry's growth on the global market. Prevas is expanding its operations in Jönköping, and is planning to employ around 15 people in 2013.

Prevas' office in Jönköping opened in February 2012. The company's vision is to supply businesses in the region with cutting-edge expertise within industrial IT and embedded systems.

"Since 1985, Prevas has developed a range of know-how and experience that benefits our customers in terms of both time and money. An increasing number of customers are also interested in our platforms, modules and system deliveries. Continued expansion in this interesting region will help Prevas reinforce its relationship with existing customers, at the same time better opportunities arise to solicit new ones," says Anders Malmby, Regional and Business Unit Manager Product Development at Prevas.

Joakim Bergs, who comes from Kongsberg Automotive, started working at Prevas in March. Joakim's role is to drive business in the region forward in the Product Development business area and in embedded systems.

"Prevas has a very good reputation with its customers, and it is very gratifying to be a part of helping the company expand its business in Jönköping," says Joakim Bergs, Consultant Manager at Prevas.

The industry is faced with major challenges. No matter what businesses do, there is generally another player somewhere else in the world prepared to do the same thing, both quicker and less expensively. To survive and grow, companies are constantly forced to develop new and smarter products and production methods. Or get help with the task. We do everything we can to find effective solutions for our customers. If we can help them increase their level of competitiveness, we have achieved our goal – to create sustainable growth.

"We can see a greater interest in production-related IT solutions. Traceability requirements and increasingly tougher environmental requirements are two of the driving factors underlying investments in industrial IT. There are opportunities to expand," says Robert Majanen, Regional and Business Unit Manager Industrial Systems at Prevas.

For more information:

Anders Malmby, Regional and Business Unit Manager Product Development Prevas AB
E-mail:, Phone: +46 (0) 32 86 27, Cell: +46 (0) 730-52 22 65

Robert Majanen, Regional and Business Unit Manager Industrial Systems Prevas AB
E-mail:, Cell: +46 (0) 70-641 26 99

Joakim Bergs, Consultant Manager Prevas AB
E-mail:, Cell: +46 (0) 72-237 98 67

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