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Effective logistics and increased safety with voice control



Solar Sverige has its central warehouse in Örebro, and with Prevas’ help, has installed a modern software application that supports new technology. The new modular-based solution provides high operational reliability where future changes will be easy and quick to integrate. What happens in the warehouse is followed in real time, and with the help of voice-controlled picking, Pick-To-Voice, logistics related to order picking become more efficient and costs are reduced.

New communications system
Solar Sverige is a sourcing and services company that provides a wide range of products and services, primarily in electrical, heating and plumbing. Distribution is highly efficient via their modern and automated central warehouse. To further modernize their central warehouse, Solar needed help from experts in automation, IT systems and warehouse management. The choice fell to Prevas.

“Our warehouse uses technology that checks each delivery and follows it the entire way to the customer,” says Per Häll, site manager at Solar Sverige. “To further development and to be able to take advantage of new technology, we decided to modernize the software that initiates order picking and handles communications with the conveyor belts in our central warehouse. Prevas has shown that they have the comprehensive knowledge and expertise we were looking for. Collaboration is going very well. One nice advantage with Prevas is that they are in Örebro and can provide prompt support whenever needed.” 

Solar Sverige markets 250,000 products and sells unique solutions to its customers. The right product shall be delivered to the customer at the right place, right time and in the right quantity.

“This is a very interesting and exciting assignment,” says Peter Johansson, consultant manager at Prevas. “In close collaboration with the customer, we will be delivering a sustainable future-oriented solution that will be adapted and reusable at other central warehouses. Our assignment for Solar Sverige also includes project management, documentation and subsequent support.”


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Med spidskompetencer indenfor teknisk produktudvikling, indlejrede systemer og industriel IT & automation, bidrager Prevas med innovative løsninger og services som skaber vækst.



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