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Orica shows renewed trust in Prevas

Orica is investing in a new production facility and is receiving help from Prevas. The order to Prevas includes among other things, development and installation of control systems for the new facility. The order is valued at SEK 6 million and commissioning is set for mid-2015.  

Orica Mining Services in Gyttorp, Sweden manufactures, develops and markets fuse material and bulk explosives for the mining and construction industries. To increase production capacity, Orica's global organization has decided to invest in a new production facility in Gyttorp. The new facility is being established on existing premises with Prevas as the collaborative partner for industrial IT.

“Prevas' experience of production-related IT solutions in combination with our previous successful collaboration were behind our decision to continue working with Prevas,” says Rickard Hallor, Procurement & Store Lead manager at Orica.  

During planning Prevas has also been responsible for developing a quality system for data collection.

“Our job is to increase efficiency in our customers' manufacturing processes,” says Matz Axelsson, business unit manager at Prevas. “We're celebrating our 30-year jubilee this year and our long experience in industrial IT enables us to offer solutions and services that match our customers' needs for increased competitiveness and quality-assured IT solutions. We're very happy with our expanded collaboration with Orica.”

Contacts for additional information

Christer Ramebäck, Business Area Manager for Industrial Systems, Prevas
Office: +46 (0)31-725 18 88, cell: +46 (0)70-227 33 95, e-mail: 

Matz Axelsson, Business Unit Manager, Prevas AB
Office: +46 (0)8 726 40 50, cell: +46 (0)73-274 19 59, e-mail:

Rickard Hallor, Procurement & Store Lead, Orica Sweden
Office: +46 (0)587-85 122, cell: +46 (0)70-398 78 70, e-mail:


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