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Prevas helps Ovako to reduce energy consumption

Prevas has received an order from Ovako in Imatra, Finland. The order relates to a new FOCS G7 installation for the control and optimization of a reheating furnace. The system will be ready for delivery in 2015.    

Ovako is a leading European producer of engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transportation and manufacturing industries. The production is based on recycled steel and includes steel in the form of bars, tubes, rings and pre-components. Prevas FOCS G7 (Furnace Optimization Control System) product will reduce the energy consumption in the furnace and is an investment in line with Ovako’s continuous work to streamline and optimize its production.

“We see the potential for improvement with the forthcoming new system, ensuring better quality results and reduced energy consumption in the furnace and, thereby, a positive environmental effect as well," says Pekka Karvonen, production manager at Ovako Imatra.

Manufacturing of steel products is energy intensive. The production comprises several thermal process steps in order to achieve the desired qualities. An efficient way of controlling the furnaces is required in order to optimize productivity, quality and energy consumption. Prevas has developed the software FOCS, which performs this process of optimization, together with the trade associations Jernkontoret (Swedish Steel Producers´ Association) and Metallurgical Research Institute AB (Swerea Mefos, of which Prevas is also a member). FOCS is a control system that leads the way on the furnace control market.  

“We are very happy for the order which emphasizes that our offering of specialist expertise in furnace optimization and the FOCS product responds well to the demands set by our customers. Investments of this type are highly relevant to customers who manufacture advanced steel products, and who see rising energy costs and increased global competition," says Johan Bäckman, Business Unit Manager at Prevas.  

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Johan Bäckman, Business Unit Manager, Industrial systems, Prevas
Tel: +46 (0)21-360 19 35, E-mail:

Christer Ramebäck, Business Area Manager, Industrial systems, Prevas
Tel: +46 (0)31-725 18 88, E-mail:

Pekka Karvonen, Production Manager Ovako Imatra Oy Tel: +358 5 6802312, E-mail:

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