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Strategic partnership between Prevas and Outokumpu gives significantly increased productivity

For some years Prevas has had an ongoing strategic partnership with Outokumpu, focusing on continually optimizing furnace operation in Outokumpu's production.

The need for companies to find energy optimized solutions in their production has increased in line with rising energy costs. Production of steel products is very energy intensive. Materials are heated and cooled several times to achieve the desired properties. Effective utilization of the furnaces requires optimization of productivity, quality and energy consumption.

Outokumpu is a leading global supplier of stainless steel. Every year Outokumpu and Prevas define a number of common goals for the partnership in order to secure, streamline and optimize production in Avesta. Improving productivity of the furnace operation has been a top priority this year.

"When we chose to sign an agreement with Prevas, we wanted a long-term collaboration in order to work on furnace operation improvements. Achieving truly sustainable improvements requires long-term work with a partner who is extremely familiar with the facility. After the joint efforts of both parties, it is very pleasing that we can now say that we managed to increase the average productivity of furnace operation significantly", says Hans Jacobson, General Manager Hot Rolling at Outokumpu.

"Prevas has a longstanding relationship with Outokumpu in Avesta and we are very pleased to be able to work together towards concrete goals to further improve their competitiveness. In order to achieve higher productivity, we have in this instance introduced a new way of controlling the production rate in the furnace. It involves pure technical work in the existing FOCS optimization system, but there are also other aspects, such as being on site with operators and operations staff and deepening the understanding of furnace operations. It is inspiring to everyone involved that the results have been so good. I think that this kind of long-term partnership, where we utilize each other's strengths in the best way, is key to Nordic industry meeting increasingly tough global competition", says Johan Bäckman, Business Unit Manager at Prevas.

For further information, please contact:

Johan Bäckman, Business Unit Manager, Industrial systems, Prevas
Tel: +46 (0)21-360 19 35, E-mail:

Christer Ramebäck, Business Area Manager, Industrial systems, Prevas
Tel: +46 (0)31-725 18 88, E-mail:

Hans Jacobsson, General Manager Hot Rolling Outokumpu Stainless AB
Tel: +46 (0) 226-810 00, E-mail:

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