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Prevas complete supplier to robot-based production facilities

There is both a belief in the future and potential for more efficient production in Nordic industry. Our extensive experience and expertise within industrial automation allows us to offer complete production facilities that satisfy our customers' needs for integrated and automated solutions.

Complete production facilities based on our expertise in software, our own and external products and specific consultancy services are being packaged together into a strong offering for our industrial customers.

Global competition in the industry places a great deal of pressure on companies to improve their productivity, which in turn means that processes and working methods must be constantly improved. Streamlining and automating production are at the top of their agenda. Prevas' new offering, serving as a supplier of complete production facilities, is strategic and can meet the industry's future needs and challenges. 

Prevas will be a full-range supplier to companies interested in streamlining and automating their production facilities. Our cutting-edge expertise in electronics, software and mechanical design and robot programming means we can build up competitive production facilities for our customers. Our full-range deliveries of robot-based production facilities, which include both our own and external products, are managed by our experienced project managers in the field.

 "Offering automated comprehensive solutions requires both in-depth and extensive expertise, which very few suppliers possess. Customers are increasingly requesting Prevas' cutting-edge expertise in the field of automation, combined with demands for traceability, M2Ms (machine-to-machine) and mobility (Internet of Things), production planning and production logistics. Prevas has a great deal of collective experience in these areas and is now strategically working to become a full-range supplier," says Roger Keller, who is a regional manager for Industrial Systems at Prevas.

"In order to meet future challenges, industrial companies need to cooperate with partners that understand their special needs. We are such a partner and have been cooperating with customers since 1985 to offer solutions, services and products in several different industries," concludes Roger Keller.  

For further information, please contact:

Roger Keller, Regional Manager Industrial Systems Prevas
E-mail:, Phone: +46 (0)21-360 19 16, Cell: +46 (0)70-641 26 40

Lars-Erik Forsberg, Sales Manager System Solutions Industrial Systems Prevas
E-mail:, Phone: +46 (0)21-360 19 80, Cell: +46 (0)70-533 62 45

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