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Prevas participates in research project within IoT security



The Swedish government agency Vinnova has opted to fund a new research project within the field of innovation. Prevas is the only consultancy company in the project, which also includes a number of leading product companies and research institutes.

As more and more things are becoming connected, there are increased security challenges for products and services. Vinnova has identified IoT security (Internet of Things) as one of the biggest challenges society faces today and has therefore opted to fund an exciting new research project.

“More and more products are gaining more and better functionality through being connected. While we are expanding functionality, at the same time we are increasing our vulnerability to intrusion and attacks. So how do we handle the security risks that arise in the wake of IoT? The aim of the research project is to find a larger number of reliable and cost-effective methods for blocking any security holes in, for example, connected lighting, security cameras for home use, digital locks, or similar products,” says Christer Hoberg, Sales & Management at Prevas.

“Small companies with industrial expertise rarely have the ability to become true experts in software security, or to employ the equivalent skills, when parts of their services or products are digitized. The service that this constellation aims to develop can thus accelerate the modernization of small and medium Swedish enterprises,” writes Vinnova among other things in their reasoning as to why they are choosing to support this project.

Prevas specialize in product development and already have extensive experience of IoT security and design. They have a good grasp of everything from how to build the system architecture, what communication principles are used, risk analyses and managing security holes.

“We look forward to working with all our excellent project partners to find effective methods for security updates of connected units,” says Christer Hoberg.

About Vinnova:
Vinnova works to promote sustainable growth by improving conditions for innovation and funding research for the benefit of society. Vinnova invests around SEK 2.7 billion annually.

Vinnova project partners are:
Academia/research institutes: Lund University and SICS
Companies: Advenica, Axis, Ericsson, Prevas, Sensative, T2Data Reference group: Sony, TetraPak


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Björn Andersson

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Søren W. Mathiasen

Christer Hoberg

Sales & Management


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