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Prevas enhances EMC capabilities with several new testing options and increased capacity



Prevas has worked with design and construction of products with tough EMC requirements (electromagnetic compatibility) for the international market for several years. This has led to exceptionally strong expertise in the field as well as solid knowledge of the applicable requirements and standards.

EMC measurement chamber

Prevas is now strengthening its capabilities in EMC with increased capacity and several additional testing options for new standards. Thanks to our EMC measurement chamber, Prevas can conduct high quality measurements at an early phase of product development, both when it comes to radiated interference and immunity against radiated fields. The risks are decreased in development and customers can both save time and reduce their costs.

“We’re very happy to be able to make this well-equipped test platform for EMC available to our customers,” says Maria Månsson, who is responsible for the initiative as well as the office in Stockholm to which the lab belongs. “Demand in the field has grown quite strongly, both for technical and regulatory reasons. Being able to provide this service early in product development projects saves both time and money, and helps shorten time-to-market.”

With ferrite sheets as the absorbent material in the dampened EMC chamber, excellent testing conditions are achieved. The chamber also has instruments and antennas equipped with, for example, turntables to facilitate measurements. The combination of testing options, the ability to experiment, modify and solve problems on site with the assistance of experienced EMC experts and designers makes the service very effective.

Prevas’ EMC experts provide consultation and assessments during the construction and layout phase to minimize problems as much as possible in the process of developing products. Even before obtaining the EMC measurement chamber, Prevas was well equipped regarding pre-compliance gear for analyzing and verifying EMC properties as early as the prototype phase. This enables optimization of EMC performance at a very early stage of design, which means shorter development times and lower production costs.

Caption: Anders Eklund with our EMC specialist Thomas Bergkvist in Prevas EMC measurement chamber..


Prevas A/S

Maria Månsson

Maria Månsson

Director, innovation and research


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Helena Lundin

Helena Lundin

Communication and Information Manager


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