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We are looking for a talented Embedded Linux BSP developer

At Prevas we are second-to-none in the development of embedded Linux systems used in everything from consumer gadgets to medically approved devices. In Denmark, we have more than 15 embedded Linux developers who full-time create custom board support packages (BSP), applications and complete systems for our customers – all based on Linux.

Our Herlev office is currently looking for a talented embedded Linux BSP developer, who loves to work with hardware drivers, build systems and hardcore kernel hacking.

In Prevas we are the proud developers of Prevas Industrial Linux (PIL) and we actively contribute to the open source communities. PIL makes it possible for us to cost-effectively keep our customer’s Linux products secure and quality assured for 10+ years. Through extensive use of continuous integration, automated embedded testing and a big load of regression tests, we can maintain PIL on a large number of custom hardware – from low-power ARM MCUs to high-performance x86 and FPGA computing boards.

As a developer at Prevas, you will have the chance to work on projects for our many customers, as well as help us improve Prevas Industrial Linux.

Read more about the position and apply here.


Peter Aagaard Kristensen

Peter Aagaard Kristensen

Vice President Technology


+45 51 54 33 66


Med spidskompetencer indenfor teknisk produktudvikling, indlejrede systemer og industriel IT & automation, bidrager Prevas med innovative løsninger og services som skaber vækst.



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