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IN THE ENGINEERING AND IT SECTORS there are plenty of new concepts to take into consideration – IoT, the cloud, connectivity and innovation for growth – all of which Prevas has worked with for many years.

Widespread industrial use of microprocessors and personal computers began more than 30 years ago. This is also when I was involved in founding Prevas.

Tech Trends

Our goals were, and still are, to help our clients in implementing the capabilities of the new technology and in strengthening their competitiveness by developing new modern products and effective processes. Together with our clients, we have conducted thousands of projects and solutions over the years in a multitude of application areas and industries.

The dramatic advances in technology are no longer being made only with microprocessors and computers. The challenge today is in taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digitalization, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. This affects all Nordic industry and is essential in attaining a sustainable society. Prevas has provided solutions in these areas for many years, making us an important partner for many of our clients.

Rapid digitalization, along with industry’s constant demand for increased productivity and new smart products, is continuously creating new business opportunities, and many new companies are being founded. These have a strong need for collaborative partners such as Prevas. As an example, see the article about the Hy5 prosthetic hand on Page 4. Mid-size and even larger international companies also need help in adapting their product development and production capabilities. Government agencies, healthcare and other societal functions are also facing major changes. With today’s demand on efficiency, companies and organizations are looking for long-term partners, at the same time as new buying habits creates an increased demand for procuring finished solutions in the form of components, products and process solutions.

Our new business unit Product Development Solution has been created to help our clients to develop products in the new digitalized world.

The capability to connect information from products and processes to the “cloud” is also something that Prevas is working with. You can read about Cermaq on Page 6, which now has full control of the salmon production with their new web portal. I hope you enjoy this issue of Tech Trends.

Read all about it in Prevas Tech Trends no 1, 2016.

Tech Trends is Prevas' customer magazine and is published 3 times per year.
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Søren W. Mathiasen

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Med spidskompetencer indenfor teknisk produktudvikling, indlejrede systemer og industriel IT & automation, bidrager Prevas med innovative løsninger og services som skaber vækst.



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