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Tech Trends, arkiv

Prevas Tech Trends magasinet er blevet produceret siden 2008.

Nedenfor kan du finde ældre udgivelser, som stadig er interessant at læse. Aviserne er fyldt med teknologi tendenser, inspiration og referenceprojekter, hvor kunderne fra mange forskellige brancher taler om deres udfordringer.

TechTrends 3 2015
  • Cermaq chose Infor Enterprise Asset Management to achieve sustainable production.
  • New EMC-lab with a semi-anechoic chamber for measurements at a distance of three meters.
  • "High Five" for innovation of a new prosthetic hand!
TechTrends 3 2015
  • Sandvik Mining investing in automation. Prevas delivers.
  • Arla is building Europe's largest dairy for cottage cheese.
  • Orkla's factories are being interconnected with an ultra-modern follow-up solution for production.
TechTrends 2 2015
  • Smart connected windows that can increase comfort and reduce cooling needs.
  • Intelligent survival suits even safer.
  • Advanced electronic stethoscope quickly measures heart status.
TechTrends 1 2015
  • Results-based partnership promote innovation and generate optimal solution.
  • The journey from Excel to an integrated and flexible system. Provides complete awareness.
  • Optimized logistics flow for more efficient and safer assembly.
TechTrends 2 2014
  • Specialist knowledge is absolutely crucial to OHB Sweden.
  • Test system to ABB for global benefit.
  • The world’s largest telescope, and Prevas provide parts for the research.
TechTrends 1 2014
  • Coca Cola has improved its production process and saved millions.
  • An easy-to-use maintenance system that runs on iPads.
  • Sandvik's experience of an automation project. 10 best tips for introducing global automation.
TechTrends 2 2013
  • Feel safe at home! With a closed radio system, neighbors alert each other
  • Win with Re-use. Early debugging can speed up development work
  • OE-lite Linux, reduces development and maintenance costs
TechTrends 1 2013
  • Arla’s new packaging requires less raw material and less energy
  • Swedish Steel AB in Finspång puts waste heat into the municipality’s district heatingnetwork
  • Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB gets power from PIMS
TechTrends 3 2012
  • Ocean Harvesting gathers energy from the waves.With new technology and software from Prevas, wave power is becoming more economical
  • With help from Prevas, Miris Holding has developed an instrument for analyzing milk
  • Better interface and improved functions with Android in Prevas’ embedded system
TechTrends 2 2012
  • Traceability, is that the key to higher efficiency in industry?
  • Sensible labeling. Nobel Biocare uses Snitcher Medical for smarter labeling
  • Controlled explosions. Orica Mining services uses smart technology from Prevas
TechTrends 1 2012
  • Bake bread with your cell phone
  • New methods for ultrasound scanning
  • New EU directive
TechTrends 2 2011
  • Keeping tabs on utilization improves flexibility at ICA
  • Investment in production logistics pay for themselves in less than 11/2 years
  • Control system för steelmaking
TechTrends 3 2010
  • HMI solutions for MacGregor
  • ArvinMeritor improves assembly quality with help from Prevas
  • M2M for greater productivity in industry
TechTrends 2 2010
  • Helmet that save lives
  • Simulators with AMOLED technology
  • Tum-ECG from Zenicor can cut the number of stroke patients in half
TechTrends 1 2010
  • 25 Years of Large- and Small-scale Energy Conservation
  • TESS Keps Tabs on Thermocouples
  • Gas Bottles Made of Plastic, a Norwegian Ground-breaking Product
TechTrends Nov 2009
  • FPGA introduktionskurser
  • Nyt modul med Linux/winCE
  • Intelligente headset der kender dit navn
  • Bedre indeklima med intelligente vinduer
  • Nyt teknologi ikon: Den interaktive legeplads
  • FPGA IP core - Prevas CAN modul klar
  • Den intelligente fiskekrog kigger med under vandet
  • Effektive produktionssystemer til de firhjulede
  • Supercomputeren over dem alle
  • Grøn energi kræver intelligent  overvågning af mellemspændingsnettet
  • Miljøovervågning  i et 360 graders  perspektiv
  • Styrk  konkurrencekraften med lean design
  • Gaflen holder styr  på hvad du spiser
  • Time-to-market skriger på fleksibilitet
  • Udviklingsplatforme sparer tid og penge

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