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Nyhed: 2019-06-07

Prevas is investing in UX

The necessity of developing user-friendly and smart products, systems and services is increasing. Prevas is therefore creating a new business unit with focus on the user experience (UX).

Caption: Helena Gautam at Prevas AB

Prevas specializes in taking advantage of the opportunities of technology and digitalization. Industry after industry is digitalizing, and the transformation is moving forward quickly. Products and services are being connected and gathering substantial volumes of data. This is enabling new ways of working with information between different platforms, people and technologies. Prevas has created a new business unit with focus on user experience. The unit is headed by Helena Gautam, a new addition to the Prevas team. She has extensive experience in the consulting and agency sphere and has worked with larger e-commerce projects in recent years. She sees many parallels between how the industry has developed and how other industries are now coming up to speed. It's about how companies are working with data-driven analysis, omnichannel strategies, user-centric design, personalization and the ability to find new business models in a rapidly changing world, to mention a few examples.

“Prevas is not alone in taking this path,” says Helena Gautam, “but with Prevas’ solid experience in the field of smart industry and smart products, I’m convinced that it is here that the best conditions exist for helping companies to create more user-friendly and sustainable products that work seamlessly between digital and physical environments. At Prevas, we are experts in user experience and interfaces where the user experience must be intuitive, simple and consistent, both when it comes to the digital and physical interfaces. We work extensively with today's technologies and are very familiar with the challenges and opportunities they provide.”

UX is about how users interact with and experience a certain product, system or service. With a people-centric approach, we create innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers. At Prevas, we always focus on making a difference, adding value and improving day-to-day life for people. With today's work methods, we are seeing increased loyalty and engagement among users, which subsequently results in stronger brands, clear competitive advantages and increased profitability.

“There is enormous potential in the market,” says Helena. “Within a year, we expect to have 10 people in Malmö and more at other locations. At the same time, it's of the utmost importance that we grow with people having the right skills.”

Our designers are along from the start and make sure that UX permeates entire projects. We are helping with everything from research and user testing to surveys of needs and goals. We even work with availability, requirement specification and strategy, and provide graphical interfaces and detailed visual design.

“We can provide both consultants and comprehensive solutions in strategy, conceptual and prototyping services, UX/UI design and development of complete web applications,” Helena adds.