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CAN Controller

Prevas´ in-house-developed Controller Area Network (CAN 1) Controller is designed for embedding in Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FGPAs) and is certified according to the standard involved: ISO-16845. This means that customers can feel confident that its functionality satisfies the standard and that it interacts correctly with other CAN devices from other manufacturers without them having to go to the expense of certifying their own solutions.

Controller Area Network (CAN) is a computer network protocol developed for the vehicle industry by Bosch to enable communication between various microcontrollers and devices in modern vehicles.


  • CAN VHDL controller Lever op til BOSCH CAN 2.0B standard.
  • Supporterer bit rates op til 1 Mbps.
  • Xilinx CoreConnect (PLB) compliant interface, andre interfaces laves på bestilling.
  • TX and RX FIFOs med konfigurérbar dybde op til 64 messages hver.
  • RX message filtrering. Antallet af filtre kan varieres fra 0-2.

Typiske applikationer

  • In-vehicle network (IVN) i automobilindustrien.
  • Backbone network in fly.
  • Indlejrede netværk til industriel- og medico maskinkontrol og miljø.
CAN VHDL cotroller


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